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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Best cardio exercises to lose weight and fat

4 best exercises for weight loss

Weight loss should be gradual because slim down quickly often means back so quickly. I suggest you establish a healthy lifestyle (diet and physical activity and / or sports) allowing you to lose one kilo per week maximum. Train hard is important, but to establish a suitable and quality sports program is equally important.
Try these excellent cardio exercises to burn fat reserves and lose weight. Then see what works best for you.

Best cardio exercises to lose weight and fat

The best cardio exercises to lose weight

 1) Rowing Machines (rowing machines)

This is one of the best cardiovascular exercises to lose weight. Practice the rowing machine can burn many calories and simultaneously biases the top and bottom of the body. Unlike most exercises aimed stimulation of aerobic capacity and burn fat, the rowing machine is more versatile and more complete because it biases the entire body. This exercise recruits many muscle groups, increasing the number of calories needed to produce the effort. It strengthens your cardiorespiratory system, many muscles and increases your basal metabolism (resting). Every little bit helps in weight loss.

Namely: one hour of moderate intensity to the rowing machine burns about 600 kilocalories. The higher your training frequency increases your caloric expenditure and did the same.

2) Running (treadmill or outdoors)

Running is a physical activity and calorie consumption is the highest. The entire body is in action and associated with a smart diet, running and asked muscular effort will indirectly impact the weight loss. This training will "burn and eliminate" fat while building muscle strategic points in the most sought short of the effort. So you will refine your body, toning the muscles needed for running and losing fat.

Namely: one hour of moderate-intensity running burns about 700 kilocalories.

3) Exercise bike

The bike is one of the fitness equipment more suitable for fat loss. Indeed, one of the advantages of this type of training is that you can fully control the intensity of work by adjusting the resistance on the one hand and on the other by pedaling faster or slower. The other benefit is that "strength" by on joints and your back is well supported.

Namely: a bike for fitness hour burns about 600 to 800 kilocalories depending on the intensity.

4) Elliptical

The elliptical trainer is a fitness machine for working all the muscles of the body smoothly and without straining the joints. It is easy to use, resulting in high caloric expenditure and invites many muscles (thighs, glutes, calves, arms, shoulders).

Namely: an hour of elliptical results in caloric expenditure of roughly 800 kilocalories.


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