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Friday, 19 June 2015

The best exercises to improve your cardio

It is not enough to know the best exercises to improve cardio, or even have them from time to time, they must also be diligent. To get good results, you have to train about 30 minutes three times a week. You should also be winded enough to have difficulty talking during practice. Here are some exercises that will help you improve your endurance.

The best exercises to improve your cardi

The bike

Cycling is a great way to strengthen your cardio. Indeed, as the intensity varies depending on your speed, terrain and speed and wind direction, you just gradually increase your speed and to add ribs to your journey to improve your cardio . During the cold season, think of spinning (indoor cycling indoors).


Swimming is one of the best exercises to improve cardio because it engages all the muscles of the body. To maximize your workout, try a new swimming style, swim with just your arms or swim laps holding a kickboard to work your legs.

Cross country skiing

Just like swimming, cross country skiing is work the entire body. This is also one of the exercises that solicits most the cardiorespiratory system.

Brisk walking and running

Besides being excellent for cardio, fast walking and running are accessible and can be practiced anywhere. Increase your pace or your stride you will improve your fitness. You can also practice on a rough terrain.

The elliptical and rowing

The elliptical reproduces more or less the movements of the cyclist but by limiting the impact on the joints. As for the rower, he asks many muscles. So these are two devices that increase your cardiovascular endurance.


As aerobics is the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, it is one of the best exercises to strengthen your cardio. Thus, aerobic dance, step and kickboxing are excellent ways to get fit. You can also make sets of exercises at home, like Jumping Jack or cross walk (bring the left elbow to right knee and vice versa).

The jump rope

Just as accessible as walking, skipping easily practice at home. In addition to work your calf muscles, jumping rope to burn many calories. And it is good for the heart! Indeed, the regular practice of skipping reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Interval training

Finally, a great way to improve your cardio is to do interval training, or alternating periods of high intensity and those of moderate intensity. For example you can alternate walking with running for more than satisfactory results! Happy training!


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