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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Cardio Training: Everything You Need to Know

You want a cardio guide? Well you found it. There are many misconceptions about cardio and I will do my best to clear up so that you can develop a solid routine.

First, stop wasting your time with aerobic training! Seriously ... just STOP. Aerobic training such as treadmill running, long distance runs, elliptical training or stationary bike training are not providing you with the results you want.

If you are like most people who are dissatisfied with their body, then you probably want quick results. You do not want to wait years to see results, and I do not blame you. With these techniques, it will take years ... and the worst is that your earnings will not even be permanent. I know this is a bleak prospect, but let me tell you why.

I say this because there is a cardio training option much more effective than you can use. High intensity cardio or anaerobic cardio is the most effective way to burn fat and keep it off for good. This is because the high intensity training builds lean muscle and this allows you to fight the fat future gains.

Muscle is the ultimate defense against fat because it burns fat. This is the biggest fall of aerobic training. Aerobic exercises do not build lean muscle mass and therefore are not an effective long-term approach.

Okay, so now that we have the road bases, we can talk about some exercises that you can start using.


Do not be afraid ... sprint training is for all and not just elite athletes. You have to remember that everyone started somewhere, even if you are not as fast as Usain Bolt, you can still use sprints to see legitimate results.

If you are starting with cardio high intensity, then I highly recommend you start with sprints. These explosive exercises will help you build a solid foundation for other high intensity cardio in the future.

Some variations that you can use include traditional sprints, hill sprints or interval sprints. Each variation is difficult in its own unique way.

Bodyweight Circuits 

Not all cardio training must involve some form of walking. In fact, bodyweight circuits are one of the best anaerobic cardio exercises that you can use. These circuits will help you build lean muscle throughout the body, and significantly improve your muscular endurance and anaerobic.

To create a circuit just combine 3 or 4 different exercises and perform each simultaneously without any rest. Once you complete each exercise, take a second rest and repeat the circuit 90 along again. Repeat the circuit about 3 or 4 times.

These are just some of the many cardio techniques you can use to greatly improve your body. Some of the great workouts include plyometrics, agility and interval training.

All you need to do now is to get started with your cardio and you will start to see serious results!


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